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We're still going.

To fight displacement in our neighborhood, we're going to keep growing our housing portfolio. In order to meet the needs of our community, we would have to go back in time to before hundreds of homes and businesses were demolished during some of the worst housing crising in history. 

Tierra Colectiva Community Land Trust's most recent successes.


  • 1 rehabilitated house

  • 2 duplex modular homes


Set and almost finished!  

  • 5 attached modular homes


Acquired land

  • For 7 more homes!  



  • 1 property for 3 homes

  • (in process) 2 additional tandem homes


Built our Organizational foundation

  • Finished our strategic plan!

  • Approved organizational by-laws

  • Elected officers of the board!

  • Submitting for incorporation! 


New projects

  • Joined the 4995 Washington St. development team with 197 affordable rental units, and community serving retail in Globeville!



  • 50,000 grant for community development work from Gates

  • 1.55M federal funds from Hickenlooper's discretionary projects to acquire I70 remnant parcels from CDOT

  • Ongoing support from the City and State for each project


Forged new partnerships

  • For downpayment assistance

  • For ITIN loans

  • With new developers


Trained and prepared

  • 5 leaders at the Grounded Solutions Conference

  • Potential buyers in GES to be ready for home ownership.

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